What Does Wearable Tech Mean for the Digital Marketing Industry?

Wimbledon kicked off this week, and with it came all of the usual marketing tie-ins that you’d expect from an event of this magnitude. One in particular will have caught the eye of many a forward-thinking marketing exec, and that is of course Jaguar’s use of wearables and ground sensors. The legendary British car manufacturer is giving out biometric wristbands and using them in conjunction with sensors and social media to attempt to measure sentiment at the tennis tournament. It’s certainly impressive stuff, and if it works we could well see it used again in the future at other events. It does of course lead us to the question – if wearables are going to be the next big thing in tech, then what do they mean for the world of digital marketing?

Is Your Website Too Stodgy? It’s Time To Get Stodzy!

If you’ve been noticing a major decline in visits to your website, it may be due to the fact that you haven’t updated it in months. This applies not only to your content, but to your general design and layout as well. If your official company website looks like a holdover from the Geocities era, it’s no wonder potential customers are avoiding it. In a word, who can take you seriously if your online presence hasn’t changed since 1995? You don’t just need a new website, you need a whole new set of directions.

6 Best Messenger Apps for Android.

One benefit of using an Android mobile device is that you have options when it comes to messaging and other apps. You can choose a messenger app that has the features you like instead of feeling stuck with the one included on your phone. Check out some of the best below.

Points to consider before buying a residential property in Delhi.

With the increase in the demand of various rental properties, there has also been a rise in its prices in the Delhi. If you are considering buying flats for sale in Delhi then make sure to consider various factors before investing your valuable money. You must always buy a residential property that will highlight your lifestyle and also make your dreams come true. In order to help you in spending your valuable money in a legible way, below have been discussed some of the points that you should consider while buying a property in the city of Delhi.

Important Visual Web Design Guidelines.

The human eye is a complicated organ and its behavior can be curious, quirky and sometimes even weird.Perhaps you ask yourself what does this has to do with web design. Well, actually a lot.

All About RAID Technology.

RAID explained.

When it comes down to data storage, there are a few methods available which can help businesses and individuals ensure that their data is not only kept safe from unwanted people, but also kept safe from getting lost forever. After all, hard drives all have a limited lifespan and are all prone to failure at some point in their existence, so it is worth putting a strategy in place in the event of hardware failure.