Best Tweak Tools for Windows 8.

Since few months, Windows 8 is the most talked Operating System (of course after Android).Windows 8 is the most awaited OS and it’s expected to launch around October 2012. There have been many speculations about its official launch and features, although a developer preview version has been released few months back. Microsoft also has been steadily releasing information about the updated features of Windows 8 on its MSDN Building Windows 8 blog.

There have been many changes observed in new Windows 8 if compared to Windows 7. It has a whole new tile based user interface, compatible on every device, touch centric, and much more. There are also many customization features expected. We will be discussing about the tweaking tools in Windows 8 that may help you to customize the new Windows 8 according to your needs.

Here is a list of the best free tweaking tools for Windows 8:

1. Metro Controller

The Metro Controller tool is a simple and portable tool which can be used easily without any issues on Windows 8. With the help of Metro Controller, you can quickly enable or disable the new features of Windows 8 . You are not comfortable with any of the feature of the new Windows 8, use Metro Controller to disable it.

2. Windows 8 Start Menu Switcher

You are unable to pick up the new start menu of Windows 8. No problem, just use Windows 8 Start Menu Switcher, to quickly switch start menu to old start menu of Windows 7.

3. Metro UI Colors Changer

Metro UI Colors Changer is an awesome tool that allows changing the colors of metro elements of Windows 8. The metro elements include the Desktop Background color, the tile color on the desktop, start menu background and font color, etc. So, in this way you can choose the color which suites your eyes.

4. Windows 8 Start Tweaker

It is not possible to add background wallpapers and colors in Windows 8. But you can do it with the help of Windows 8 Start Tweaker. This free tool allows to tweak the background settings, which is not available in default settings of Windows 8.

5. Metro UI Tweaker

This free tool is again used for disabling or enabling any new feature in Windows 8. This free tweaking tool is portable and is developed by WindowsClub. You can also add shortcuts to Start Screen with the help of Metro UI Tweaker.

6). Windows 8 Dev. Preview Tweaker

This tool can be used in the Developer Preview of Windows 8. With the help of Windows 8 Dev. Preview Tweaker you can change the screen background image, enable old start menu and snap feature in the currently available Windows 8 version i.e. Windows 8 Developer Preview.

Some of the above mentioned tweaking tool’s features might be included in final version of Windows 8 when it is made available. Check out these awesome free tweaks and perform the entire operation in Windows 8 easily.

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