What’s the next big thing after online bingo?

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From the streets of Italy to online bingo, the game has taken strides. But the question remains, what the future is going to be few years from now? The future of the game surely doesn’t look bleak considering the popularity of the game and the industry size.


The electronic version of the game has become quite popular these days. Within the next 10 years, bingo the non-electronic version of the game may take a back seat. The game is and will continue to evolve as it has since 1530. Does that suggest to play bingo, laptops and computers may become redundant? Though the answer to the question isn’t definitive, but the sudden surge of mobile bingo indicates mobile apps may soon be the future of bingo.

This evolution is spreading like a wildfire among bingo aficionados. Sites like New Look Bingo are striving to keep pace with the technological advancement and has a mobile presence besides the usual online version. The wave of mobile gambling has brought with itself more than just bingo as a game. The fact that one can play bingo anywhere one fancies was something totally unheard of perhaps a decade back. Times are changing, and as human being are getting indolent by the day, bingo operators are trying to keep consumers’ comfort in mind, simultaneously delivering as life life experience as possible.

One can suggest mobile bingo is the next big thing after online bingo. History indicates human race is forever advancing. From Neanderthals to what we are today, change and advancement has been a crucial part of our existence. So how could a popular game like bingo be left behind? The sit and wait attitude is the only thing left to do at this point. Let the future itself reveal what’s coming up!

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