3 Myths on How the App Store Search Works.

Also known as SEO for apps, app store optimization is widely regarded as the key to app promotion. However, because the app store is still a relatively new creation, there are a number of myths out there about how app store search actually works. To sell your app successfully, you must first be able to separate the truths about app search from the falsehoods propagated by those who don’t truly understand ASO. Here are three of the most common myths out there regarding app store search:

Myth 1: App descriptions are unimportant.

When it comes to app store rankings, the truth is that a good description can make all the difference. Your description is one of the biggest factors drawing potential users to your app, and more downloads equals a higher ranking in the app store. For best results, write a clear description that incorporates important keywords naturally. The goal is for users to be able to ascertain the purpose of your app in just a sentence or two.

Myth 2: Ratings are everything.

Think high ratings are the only way to achieve app store access? The truth is that, while important, ratings aren’t the only factor impacting an app’s rankings. In fact, research shows that ratings don’t have a significant effect on positions 1-8, with many high-ranking apps earning ratings of just one or two stars. Factors like download numbers and keyword relevance are far more significant when it comes to upping your ranking in the app store, so focus on optimizing your keyword list and app description instead of your ratings.

Myth 3: You should stuff your title with keywords.

With keyword optimization playing such a key role in app store success, designers may be tempted to stuff their app titles with keywords as well. And while a couple well-chosen keywords can have a positive effect on search volume, including too many terms may result in an unpleasant experience for the user. When you stuff your title with irrelevant or repetitive terms, searchers often have a tough time deciphering the true purpose of the app. The app store may even suspend your product if you participate in this frowned-upon practice. Instead of overburdening your title, choose words and phrases that clearly communicate your app’s features. By being relevant and readable, you can improve your chances of success in a crowded space.

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When it comes to app store search, knowing what not to do can be as important as knowing what to do. An expert in how app store search works, Gummicube specializes in helping app builders find their desired clientele online and make the sale. Contact our ASO experts today and start the process of optimizing your app store listing for success.


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