3 SEO Strategies to Grow your Law Firm and Meet your Business Objectives

It is becoming increasingly important for law firms to have an interactive web portal that gives a clear vision of the firm and generates sufficient traffic to achieve its business objectives. Consequently, having an active web portal helps to highlight the interests of law professionals, to consolidate as experts, increase business opportunities, and gain influence. All these objectives must be supported by a sound SEO strategy, with the aim of improving visibility on major search engines and generating constant organic traffic. Since SEO strategies usually involve investing in programming, generating quality relevant content, and maintaining the web portal, it is always recommended that you hire someone who is an expert in digital marketing and specializes in SEO for law firms. Here are 3 SEO strategies to get started!

#1 Finding the Right Keywords

The first step in optimizing your law firm’s website is keyword research. As a lawyer, you should focus on purchasing intent keywords that show the person searching is prepared to sign up for the legal services on offer. The terms must also have sufficient search volume to guarantee that the site will receive high traffic. The trick is to find out what terms most people are searching and what they are seeking with regard to those searches. Here are a few tips to guide you in keyword research.

  • Look for terms related to your specialization or practice field
  • Compare different versions of your target keywords and phrases to find out what most people are looking for
  • Choose phrases that have high search volumes but modest competition
  • Look for moderately competitive keywords that may be targeted
  • Use terms and phrases that are connected to your main target phrases and keywords for each page
  • Find out the keywords that your competitors are ranking for and make an effort to make your content more appealing to users and search engines

#2 Use Lawyer-Specific Calls to Action

A call to action is meant to get visitors to the site to take action. For lawyers, calls to action are different and normally require an additional strategy with respect to SEO. As a general rule, lawyers ought to place their calls to action at the point where a person has to start scrolling in order to view more information. Additionally, a phone number should appear on each page of the site in a prominent area like the header. You should also include multiple ways for visitors to contact the firm.

#3 Get Content from Legal Professionals

The other distinct aspect of SEO for law firms is that content must be drafted by people who are in the legal profession, like other lawyers, paralegals, and JDs. In some states there are very strict restrictions about publishing legal content on the internet. Lawyers generating content should have it written in-house, outsource the job to an agency with the right resources, or hire a JD.

Besides these three tips, there are more SEO tips and strategies you can incorporate in your overall lawyer SEO strategy to make it more effective. It is always important to hire a professional to handle your SEO needs.


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