5 Major Reasons Why You Need to Buy a PlayStation 4

PlayStation has always been an integral part of the world of consoles. It took gaming to a whole new level and each gamer’s journey won’t be complete without it. Definitely, it is a great thing to play with your family or friends.

Over time, there have been updates and upgrades on the versions of PlayStation. Probably one of your best purchase is the PlayStation 4. Though some may say that it is nothing new anymore, it is still worth buying. Listed below are some vital reasons why you should get your hands on PlayStation 4 today:

PlayStation 4 is affordable

Surprisingly, PlayStation 4 doesn’t break the bank. At this point, it is a low-priced console that is worth every penny. There are major discounts you can score when purchasing one these days, so be sure to grab it. However, this does not mean that the product is substandard. Sony just wants the console to be more accessible for many gamers out there.

PlayStation 4 has hand-friendly controllers

As compared to other consoles available on the market nowadays, PlayStation 4 has more hand-friendly controllers. Its Dual Shock 4 controllers come with recharge cables, are made tougher, and easier to hold. You won’t be having a hard time playing once you experience an intense game.

PlayStation 4 includes remote assistance feature

Gone are the days when you have to be stuck in one place to play your games. PlayStation 4 allows you to invite viewers who also own the same console to play games you have. The remote assistance feature lets you turn control over to another remote player. In addition, if you have a PlayStation Vita or a Sony smartphone, you can use these to play games or interact with the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 can access old titles

Good thing, PlayStation has launched the PlayStation Network. Every gamer can now choose game titles, even the old ones, since certain ones are already available in digital format. There is no need to worry about your game discs being scratched or old consoles being broken or lost as PlayStation Network saves the day. Wherever you are, you can access your games easily.

PlayStation 4 consists of console exclusives

There are certain games that you can only access with your PlayStation 4. In fact, PlayStation has had a consistent number of game titles that remained over the years. The exclusivity of the games makes it a more personal experience for all the gamers. Some of the console exclusives are Bloodborne, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, and Gran Turismo Sport.

Indeed, owning a PlayStation 4 is still a good idea, despite having rivals from different companies. Simply take into consideration these things mentioned above when you are planning to purchase one. Absolutely, you will enjoy playing games with it and it is a great device to bond with your loved ones, too. Nothing beats having the chance to play and be competitive from time to time. So get your PlayStation 4 from Harvey Norman now and level up your gaming experience!


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