5 Most Popular Android Games.

As one might imagine, the list of leading games for Android devices changes almost as quickly as developers can invent new game apps and gamers can get their hands on them. But there are several games that seem to rate high on almost every gamer’s scorecard.

Here we’ll take a look at five Android games and apps that have earned top rankings among gamers.

Need For Speed : Most Wanted

Seems that almost every Android gamer gives a nod to Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The latest in the NFS franchise, Most Wanted features high-quality graphics and a fast-paced urban chase setting that lets users compete against each other and evade police vehicles. Users choose their vehicle and earn Speed Points. Increasing your Speed Level.


Lets you unlock modifications to let you upgrade your vehicle’s power and manoeuvrability. The game boasts 200 mph drifts, exciting chases, and spectacular crashes. The game’s tagline—“Make Trouble”—should tell users much of what they need to know about this fast-paced chase-and-explore car game.

Temple Run 2


Another popular Android game app frequently cited as among the best recent releases is Temple Run 2. In its first incarnation, Temple Run received more than 170 million downloads. The updated sequel features more of the running, jumping, turning, and sliding users love as they navigate perilous cliffs, exhilarating zip lines, and deep mineshafts, and forest trails to escape with the cursed idol. Temple Run 2 delivers dramatic new graphics, new environments, new obstacles, more power-ups, and special powers for each character.

Subway Surfers


A more recent addition to the top Android game apps is Subway Surfers, a fast-paced fun game with colourful graphics. Users help characters Jake, Tricky, and Fresh navigate the supercharged rails with their hover board surfboards as they try to evade the grumpy inspector and his dog. But watch out for those trains! Colourful HD graphics and lightning fast swipe acrobatics keep the action electrifying. Subway Surfers is a truly fun game that you needn’t be a tagger or a surfer to enjoy. Join the chase!

Angry Birds : Star Wars


We all know Angry Birds as one of the most popular games ever. Now imagine Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia with feathers. Angry Birds: Star Wars combines the fun of Angry Birds with the world of the sci-fi classic film to deliver a compelling new game. Users will wield lightsabers and blast Pig troopers as they face off against the Dark Lord of the Pigs, Darth Vader. Fun graphics and abundant power-ups highlight game play. This may be the way a whole new generation learns about Star Wars.

Cut the Rope.


With over 250 million downloads worldwide, Cut the Rope remains among the most popular Android game apps. Users will learn that timing is everything as they try to feed candy to the hungry little monster Om Nom. Collect gold stars and unlock new levels as you apply the principles of basic physics to swing the candies into Om Nom’s mouth. Cut the Rope features over 350 levels with more on the way!

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