5 Primary Questions You Can Ask Usability Testing Experts

Usability testing is a process used to evaluate a site, application, or software that involve real users. The essence of this usability testing is to check the significance of your product to the users. You should consider asking yourself the below questions when doing usability testing for your great product.

1.    Does your stuff meet peoples’ expectations?

Customers are always looking for a product that will uniquely solve their problems. Your site, app, or software should be easy to use, simple, efficient, and interesting. The core aim of the developer and the tester is focusing on how to meet customers’ expectations. You should note carefully that usability testing is not all about:

•    Whether people like your product

•    The features that were not liked

•    The feelings of the people about your product

The most important thing is to identify whether your site, app or site worked for the user. This can help many audiences to use your product.

2.    Is the navigation of the tested stuff convenient for your people?

This is another crucial question you should ask yourself in the usability testing process. Navigation must be considered extensively by a developer when he or she is doing usability testing. Different people tend to evaluate your product at different angles. Navigation of the product should be proper, clear, and simple. The users should get the exact information that they are looking for your product. Your product must contain main features such as site maps, the home page, and the search menu.

3.    Is the functionality of your product okay for your users?

How your product works are very important for your users. Your product must work like a charm, no matter what. Let the clients enjoy when they are using your product. Users must know the functionality of your product in a close manner. The essence of functionality is to enlighten the user on how your site, app, or software works.

4.    What are the potential errors that can rise?

Human is to error. The goal of usability testing is to test the quality of a particular product. The possible errors that occur include the following:

•    Slips: These are mistakes that happen just by the way in an unexpected manner

•    Mistakes:  These are defined as any occurrence that happens without a requirement. If any user enters data in a wrong way, the system of your product detects it automatically.

•    User interface problems: These are resulted by the wrong interface. If any user clicks a wrong place, the results will be wrong also.

•    Scenario error: Possibility of an error cannot be assumed. Some errors are always high to occur.

5.    How to fix them?

•    Check the lot

•    Usability test should be done to correct representatives

•    Do the planning properly

•    Always test your product in different devices

•    Have a pilot test conducted

•    Never entertain unwanted distractions

•    Always have sufficient time to analyze your results

Wrapping up

The article has explained the five main questions that you should ask yourself in a usability test. These questions are highly significant. Please apply them in your usability testing today!


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