5 Useful Ways to Utilize your Mobile Screen Time

We are hearing all the time that people are on their phones, “all the time”. But what does that exactly mean when we break it down into minutes and hours? How much time are we really spending on our mobiles?

As per research, an average adult spends over 2 hours every day on their smartphone. That means around 86 hours in a month. But what are you doing with that time? Is it checking mails, going through social media feeds, some amount of talking and playing games.

Now let’s do something meaningful with these hours you spend on your mobile and keep you entertained as well.

Add some utility apps

With so much time spent on mobiles, you can get some of your tasks done with the multiple utility apps available for free. Right from paying bills to grocery, you can get a lot done with these apps and save time commuting. You can also automate some of your tasks, so even if you forget, the work gets done.

Enjoy some rewarding games

Yes, we all play games on our mobiles, but we need to make it useful as well. Of course, it should be entertaining and challenging, but try to get more out of it as well. Try games that are rewarding, like rummy online where you win real cash prizes that you can withdraw from your bank account at any point. These games are available for quick play on apps and are packed with challenge and action. And yes, they are completely legal.

Add a reading app

If you can’t get time to read books, then just download a book reading app and enjoy your favorite books as you move. It is a great way to catch up on all the books you have planned to read and just not getting the time and also do something constructive on your mobile.

Fitness quotient

There are many gadgets and apps for tracking your fitness goals. Get some of them on your mobile as well. It will keep you fit, improve your health and also add some useful activity to your screen time. What’s more you can club in your diet chart and get encouraged by your friends when you share the same on the social platforms.

Grab on some brain teasers

Brain teasers are like those energy pills for your brain. So, as you go on playing fun games, your brain gets sharper and alert. Of course, this activity is also done by rummy games, but then variety is always fun. So, add some brain teaser games and you can actually push those thinking buttons in the dull moments. Also, if you are card game lovers and choose rummy to exercise your brain, it is advisable to make a rummy download on your mobile device to have seamless, on the go experience of the game while you are commuting.

So, next time you open your phone, remember to use one of these useful ways to engage with your smartphone and get some constructive things done.


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