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Advantages of Buying Recycled Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges for Your Business.

The ecofriendly practices have become a lot common lately. There are various ways through which you can reduce the waste from the products that you are using. If you are running a business then saving money and reducing waste is something that can be really useful. One of the most common expenses of a business whether it is small or large is the running expenses. If you can save money on the printing material and paper then it will be a great support for your business. Quality cartridges are available at Cartridge Discount.


Importance of recycling

You can save money by using remanufactured printer in cartridges. Do you know that in North America 40,000 tons of plastic and metal can be saved from the landfills each year by recycling the cartridges? When 100,000 used cartridges are recycled, then this can save 9599 kg of aluminum, 1,000,000 liters of oil, and 40 tons of plastic.

How much more beneficial it would be to choose cartridges even before recycling them? Reusing is the best form of recycling. Giving the inkjet and toner cartridges another life by reusing them can be a lot beneficial. The ink cartridges are made from used cartridges, which have been recycled and reprocessed by a third party printer ink industry. These are then resold in the market with a variety of printers. Recycling the printer ink and cartridges will do wonders for your business by saving you tons of money.

The recycling process

Recycling is a simple process. You just have to collect empty cartridges and they are sent to the industrial units for dissembling and inspection. These cartridges just have to be cleaned and their defective parts are fixed or repaired. After this, the cartridges are filled with quality ink that will be new of course. The ink cartridges are then tested for ensuring that they work just fine with all the printers they are meant to work with or not.

Here is the list of benefits of buying the recycled printer ink and toner cartridges for your business:

1.      Money savers

Recycled products are normally less expensive than a brand new product. It is surprising to see that how drastically the price of the product can be reduced just because it is being recycled. On top of this, there are no major compromises on quality. Likewise you can save up to 70 percent money by purchasing the recycled cartridges. This money can be spent elsewhere in the business.

2.      Environmental contribution

Environment friendly products are always best to use. When your business can contribute in keeping the environment clean then this can be a proud feeling.  The recycled ink cartridges can reduce the amount of waste. When materials such as steel, plastic, aluminum, and rubber will be recycled then this will protect the environment from harmful chemicals and even the non-biodegradable material that stays there on the land for a long time and release harmful chemicals.  Less energy will be required for producing recycled products so this will be a cost saving advantage for the printing industry.

3.      Cost saving option

Do you know that the branded ink cartridges that you purchase are not completely full? Now you know why you run out of ink so fast. When such empty cartridges are refilled, many of remanufacturers fill them to their maximum. These will be the cartridges that will print more pages than before. You can even increase the amount of prints by using compatible toner cartridges instead of the ones that have a lower yield.

4.      Recycled cartridges also come with guarantee

The companies that are selling recycled printer ink cartridges usually offer guarantee on the product quality. In case of flaws, you can get the cartridges replaced or even get your funds back. So, none of you will be wasting money by getting the recycled cartridges. These cartridges have to go through a detail process that ensures that the product is reproduced by following the standards.

5.      Keep on denoting empty cartridges

Selling quality cartridges can ensure better printing results. When you are searching for remanufactured products, you still must do research to find the best retailer. If you accidentally get a low grade ink then this can damage your printer cartridges as well as the printer.  Price comparison is also necessary.  Even when you are purchasing the recycled product, do not compromise on the quality.  Good retailers are always ready to give away guarantee or warranty with the recycled product.

The process of recycling printer ink cartridges depends on us. If we keep on denoting the empty cartridges, the program will continue to progress. There are some companies that only accept the branded cartridges but you can find such companies too that are ready to accept all types of printer cartridges.  The empty cartridges must be in a great condition. They must not have any cracks or damages if they are to be recycled.


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