Citrio Browser : Best Browser with Download Manager.

No doubts, saying that Google Chrome has managed to set dumbfounding standards for all the desktop browsers. Its rich library of extensions, high speed and the support of the most vernacular web standards has made Chrome the best and widely-popular among the desktop users. The Chrome browser has manifested the browser-kind which can be easily built around the Chromium Project, an open-source. This particular project gave rise to the Chromium-based alternative browsers, where most of them looked-alike Chrome, but with few enhanced or tweaked aspects.

For instance, Comodo Dragon is Chrome look-like browser which particularly aims at raising the privacy level by incorporating numerous security-oriented features as well as services. Another one Chrome-like browser, CoolNovo manages to deliver all-a-new experience of web-surfing by adding the features like drag-to-search option, mouse gestures as well as IE compatibility mode.

Though it is possible to drag all the possible features to Chrome through extensions, but not every feature is available. For instance, the download manager is absent in Chrome with a feature to download fast. We do have DownThemAll, add-on in Firefox, but due to some technical issues, the Chrome developers were unable to transfer the same. So, this particular issue, contributed in the development of faster and Chrome looks-like, Citrio browser. This browser is a multimedia-oriented as well as based on Chromium web browser.


In numerous cases, the Chrome look-like, Citrio browser functions in a similar way and even loaded with similar features like bookmarks management, interface, Google Account support, extensions and auto-updating. It does feature an amazing multi-threaded download technology, which helps in downloading the files several times faster than any other browser. It does not need any extra setup for downloading the files faster. Also, the download manager of Citrio browser helps the user in pausing as well as resuming the downloads, wherever and whenever necessary.

Citrio is one of the fastest and most enhanced web browser which gives an excellent and smooth performance experience to the users. It has got quick startup time as well as the smooth browsing and its add-ons are quite responsive too, which gives a comfortable and suitable web surfing experience to its users. This browser significantly respects the privacy of the users and doesn’t gather any personal information. It is designed in such a way that keeps the personal information of the user secure and safe within its phishing as well as malware protection.

Also, Citrio is different from other web browsers in terms of its richness in extension library, where it has the full support of the extensions as well as the add-ons. Also, Citrio has been enabled with lots of features which adds up to its smooth functionality. This particular feature makes it the most reliable, customizable tool. This browser also features an inbuilt download manager which helps the users in full controlling their downloads and gives them access to the downloads anytime.

Its integrated inbuilt Download Manager significantly helps in ensuring that the users get the downloads at faster speed. Also, it features inbuilt Torrent Client which helps in downloading the links of the torrents right within the browser itself. Users can easily access as well as manage their downloaded torrents anytime without downloading any extra software. It also features Video Downloader which is an integrated tool and allow the users in downloading the online videos in few simple clicks.


Though Citrio is a Chrome look-like browser, but it gives a good boost up speed for downloading the files. It even helps in solving all the issues related to downloading. It does feature multiple media-related features which helps this browser in being one of the most useful ones among others.


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