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Cool technical and safety features of vehicles.

It’s no secret that our cars are becoming smarter and cooler as they’re filled with more and more technical wizardry. From hi-tech sound systems with Bluetooth technology to safety controls which stop you from drifting out of your lane on a motorway, it’s difficult not to be blown away by the advances in motoring technology in recent years.

Most of us will be well aware of the safety features packed into the latest family hatchbacks and we can probably work out the fairly obvious reasons as to why safety is considered to be a primary concern in designing these cars. We can also appreciate that high-end sports cars tend to have a big focus on technology to improve the drive itself as well as focusing on multimedia gadgetry. But what of the vehicles in the middle?

Perhaps surprisingly, some of the biggest technological advancements are in commercial vehicles and combi vans. After all, these are the vehicles that are driven most often, with people often spending hours and hours a day in their vans or commercial vehicles. It should come as no surprise, then, that they’re often packed with cool technical and safety features.

Take the Fiat Doblo Combi, for example. It’s a vehicle that’s full of technology, such as handsfree on-board entertainment from Fiat’s exclusive Blue&me system, USB connectivity and a range of multimedia options to keep even the most boring motorway journeys interesting. When it comes to safety, the Doblo Combi comes with the usual features such as ABS and EBD, as well as hill-hold technology and ESP for extra vehicle stability, making it one of the safest vehicles in its class.

With more and more advances in modern technology, we’re slowly starting to rethink the way we drive. Fun and safety were previously seen as polar opposites, but it’s now becoming clear that safety features and driving technology can absolutely make our driving not only safer, but much more fun at the same time. After all, driving shouldn’t just be a means to an end — there’s a lot of pleasure to be had from driving.

If you find that driving is simply a chore, it should be clear that perhaps you’re not driving the right car for you. What’s more, being bored or uninspired when driving is incredibly dangerous and could put your life at risk. That next new vehicle could save your life.


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