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Essential Elements to Become a True Gaming Geek.

With online gaming or just gaming in general being a huge source of entertainment, it seems only right to give people some top tips on how to really embrace the title of gaming geek. There are regular guides about how to adopt a fashion trend, a certain lifestyle or a diet, so why not have one for the epitome of entertainment? Whether you are a member of the Mecca Bingo Club or part of a Call of Duty clan, you can easily turn yourself into a real gaming enthusiast with a few simple actions…

You were once the proud owner of a SNES. This console was one of Nintendo’s first releases and the older generation (this doesn’t apply to anyone born after 1990) will hold the SNES in high esteem. It was fun, entertaining, easy to use and dominated ‘90s trends.


You need to own every console imaginable, whether it is one brand or multiple manufacturers. Make sure you have a vast collection and you brush up your knowledge on each of them so you can hold your own during gaming debates.

Obviously, you have to queue up at midnight every time a new game or console is released to make sure you are one of the first to get your hands on it. You then, not only have to sit up all night playing it, but you have to brag to your friends that you own one before them, as well as passing judgement on the latest item.

A true gamer will make it a mission to complete a game before anyone else. You obviously need to be the best possible player, but completing the game in record time pretty much suggests this.

You can only be a true gaming geek, if you had strong foundations to build the obsession. If your parents were understanding about your passion and let you have a day off school to play a game, then you are well on your way to being the epitome of a gamer.

Gaming has changed a lot in the last few years and the introduction of social media has only encouraged the obsession. To really be considered a true gamer you need to overwhelm your social media with gaming discussions, debates and followers and friends all relating to gaming. Follow Sony and GTA5 on twitter and befriend the geeks you play with online.

The mind of a real gamer will be very tech-based. You need to understand the finer points of games and consoles such as the RAM, memory, pixels and capability of each gaming device. You need to impress with extensive knowledge on anything that is even slightly connected to the gaming world.

So, you have the equipment, but now you need the accessories. A headset, gaming chair with surround sound and at least one poster of a preferred game makes for the perfect environment for real game play to take place. As soon as someone walks into your room they will know what you are.

It goes without saying, that you will sacrifice your social life and your appearance to really be a geek. You will sit up until all hours playing games and talking to other gamers online which in turn results in bags around the eyes, headaches and a zombie like appearance. But it is simply par for the course.

So there we have it, the ultimate guide to becoming a true gaming geek. Good luck gamers!

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