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5+ Free and Addictive Games for Android.

There’s a huge reason why Android phones dominate the Smartphone market today: they are one of the most versatile devices that a person can own in this day and age. An Android Smartphone is more than a phone- it’s an all-in-one tool that people can use for study, work, and play.

You can use it to send emails, take pictures, keep track of your finances, organize to-do lists, plan meetings and more. Plus, it can also be used as a handy gaming console! Here are some of the best games that you can download for free from Google Play:

Angry Birds


Who hasn’t heard of Angry Birds? In this seriously addictive game from Finnish videogame company Rovio, players have to help save the Birds’ eggs from a horde of evil green pigs who have stolen them. Launch the Birds through a slingshot and destroy the Pigs and their hideouts. Use your Birds wisely- each Bird has its own unique property and you are only provided with a limited number of them.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a puzzle game and epidemic simulator all rolled into one. The premise is simple: eliminate the human race by creating a virus that can infect the most number of people at once. Players will have to improve their disease by buying new mutations, symptoms, resistances and abilities along the way.

Frontline Commando

frontline-commando For fans of third-person shooters, Frontline Commando is the game for you. Take control of a renegade commando as he fights against an onslaught of enemy gunmen. Jump into battle, earn money, complete missions, collect weapons- these are some of the tasks that players can accomplish in the game. With stunning 3D visuals and an awesome soundtrack, Frontline Commando will surely keep you engaged for hours on end.

Temple Run

In this popular game from Imangi Studios, players must help an adventurer outrun a pack of Evil Demon Monkeys through an obstacle-filled temple. You can jump, duck, and slide your way to safety while collecting coins and other powerups along the way. Always look out for the cliffs, barriers, and tree trunks that can slow your character down!


Collect and breed dragons as you play the part of a dragon park manager in this simulation game from Backflip Studios. DragonVale allows players to take full control over their very own dragon park; you are in charge of everything- from breeding, raising, and feeding dragons, buying new dragon eggs, decorating your park, and entertaining park guests. Earn gems through the course of the game so that you can buy extra items for your dragon wards.

Radiant Defense


Radiant Defense gives the tower defence genre a whole new flavour. Set in the futuristic Radiant Universe, this game allows you to build your own space fortress to protect your base from alien invasions. Strategically place attack towers and turrets around the path of the invaders and make sure to annihilate them before they get to your base.

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Android’s app market has tons of top-notch games that both hardcore and casual gamers will surely love. Take your pick among the games mentioned above and play on.

Susan Johnson is a self-confessed gaming geek! She blogs about games for the Android and iPhone for a variety of blogs online. Click the link to see DFG’s collection of free mobile games.


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