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Get Paid for Clicking Photos using Clashot iPhone App.

You may be looking for  many resources of side incomes along with your pocket money and it may sound surprising that now with the iPhone application called Clashot you can get paid any time. This application has been long under scanning and observation has turned out to be just the right thing for the amateur photographers who are seriously looking for some side money. This may sound a bit of absurd or surprising when you first hear it but it is indeed true that now you are paid for clicking photos.

Basic Idea behind the Clashot.


The main thing is that publishers round the world are willing to pay the photographers who are posting photos. The photos and images are basically required for the events and happenings occurring round the world because every publishing agency cannot have their reporters being present at that event and what these publishing agencies are doping is buying photos from the people who have clicked them being present at the event. No matter if you are an expert or an amateur you can now get paid by these publishers. This application is launched by the and the application guarantees the photographers that their work is listed  and the interested publishers can see them easily and clearly giving you the best payment for your work. Truly it is a win win situation for the photographers out there.

Various Highlights of the Clashot

  • There are a number of reasons why clashot has been the favorite option among the iPhone users and the foremost is that though the application is like Instagram it is a reporting tool that you use to upload photos to your report you will be going to upload on your account. This application has been completely designed keeping in mind the usability and the uniformity of the users.
  • Once you have clicked the photos and uploaded to your account on the Clashot the photos will be published on the Depositphotos. It is a principal royalty free website helping a number of publishing agencies round the world. This web portal has the some of the world’s leading publishing agencies paying for the work of the photographers like you who have never seen the  camera in their life.

Working Principle of the Clashot.

Your job is only to click the photos and out them on your account. If approved they will be published and will come across a complete segment of media companies, advertising agencies and many other networks buy the published stuff from the Depositphotos. The only thing you need to understand is that do not immediately think that you will make huge amounts of money and all you need is consistency and quality in your work while using this application. This application is just a medium of selling your clicked photos and if used judiciously is capable of doing miracles for you in the best possible time span. Even though money is not your charm you can still enjoy the application because it is completely free.


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