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Guide On How To Find The Hidden Spy Camera.

Parents can’t be too careful these days. The latest advancements in security and surveillance technology allow parents to keep an eye on their kids at all times. Parents can finally feel confident about leaving their children at home with a nanny or babysitter.

A spy camera detector is perfect for keeping a watchful eye on the nanny. Traditional ‘nanny cams’ are hidden in toys or teddy bears. A spy camera can really be hidden anywhere. It’s important to choose a location that monitors where the children are. Some people will even have multiple surveillance cameras installed for maximum coverage.

These cameras can help give parents peace of mind when they are away from home. Parents need to know who they can trust to take care of their children. Hidden cameras are a great way to keep children safe. This is especially important for people who have hired new nannies or babysitters. Anybody can give a good interview. It’s important to observe the caretaker when he or she is actually caring for the children. Footage can be reviewed easily.

Spy cameras are also great if anything in the house goes missing. In the past, it may have been impossible to prove that a nanny or babysitter was a thief. Hidden cameras can help to keep children and valuable items safe. High-tech homes are outfitted with several security cameras. Most parents even have streaming footage capabilities. This is a great way to make sure that one’s babysitter is sticking to proper meal times and bed times.

With so many inventions and advances it has become quite cheap for anyone to buy tiny spy cameras who have an average size of 30mm X 30mm X 30mm or even less than this. This is a clear indication that these cameras may be hidden anywhere behind mirror, showpieces, clocks, walls and many other objects. Below are mentioned some tips if you think you are being spied by this tiny powerful gadget.

1. RF Bug detector can be the best answer

You can buy a radio frequency bug detector and wave it in your room or place where you think that there is a spy camera. You have to move it very slowly along the wall and when the signal is transmitted, it will tell you whether it is a bug or a wireless network or thermostat. Make sure you select the piece, which is capable of detecting the standard frequencies transmitted by the cameras. The standard frequencies are 900MHz, 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz.

2. You may select the detector Gadget

This may be slower than the RF detector but it is quite helpful in making the LED’s of the spy cameras to sparkle while you view through this detector. They are the best option for those cameras, which do not transmit. There is a glass viewfinder and when you see through it you can see all the spy cameras that have any sparkling substance or light by making their lens sparkle. It is best for those cameras that are no hidden behind the mirror and plastic.

3. Disturbances in furniture and dust can be the best signal.

You can easily find some good clues by noticing the position of the furniture. Has it been disturbed or is it the same as it was before you left the last time. Also you can check the various changes in the dust pattern of your room as there must be some tempering for sure. Note the position of the ceiling lights, tiles and other fixtures. It is sure that when these things are moved in your absence some dust or bricks may have fallen on the floor. Always remember these cameras are mostly placed where you will be doing the majority of your work in your room to have a straight line of recording. Physically finding can be a time consuming task so it is best that you start with your line of sight.

4. Catch any Holes and Black dots

Always look for any kind of black dots and holes in the walls or on the ceiling as there may be spy camera hidden in it. Since pinhole spy cameras have the size of 1mm to 3mm in diameter, it is very easy to hide them in the holes and any kind of holding dots.


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