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How to Find Money Making Domain Names.

If you are running a company or any business, you require a mode to promote your business. In the hi-tech world of today, the internet is the best means to promote your business to the masses. Online promotion requires you to have a website of your company with a domain name that is distinct and relates to your business.

There are various ways whereby you can find yourself domain names for your company’s website and start making money. Following are the tips that can assist you in finding domain names to make money.


1. Search Auctions.

People have a misconception that the only method to get a domain name is to hand registering it. Someone else should not have registered the domain name earlier that you intend to acquire. There are several tools available in the domain auctions that can assist you in finding the domain name. The best option available is to buy a domain name at an auction. It is cheap and easy. You can use this search tool to compare significant statistics for available domain names at an auction.

2. Set Alerts.

Another method is to set up personalized domain name alerts. This tool sends you e-mail alerts when they find the domain name meeting the criteria specified by you.

3. Look out for dropped domains.

There are times when the owner of an excellent domain name may fail intentionally or inadvertently to renew the registration of the domain name. People who are on the lookout for dropped domain names can get hold of them as soon as these names are made available for registration. There are various tools available in the arena that can assist you in finding the right one for your website.

4. Look out for domain names just about to drop.

There are several tools that can be used to look out for domain names that are about to drop. These tools alert you on those domains that will be made available to register sooner. You can grab them as soon as they are made ready to register.

5. Watch for domains with type in traffic.

These tools helps you generate traffic the moment someone types in the domain name in their URL bar without knowing which site they are about to visit. These tools are very handy and can get you those domains that have type in traffic.

6. Watch for keyword specific domain names.

These are very useful for prospective type in traffic, SEO and alleged authority by users. There is a database of keyword domain names available at your disposal.

7. Watch for dictionary domain names.

These one-word domain names found in the dictionary are very helpful. The domain names having a commercial nature can prove to be of great help. There is a database of domain names available for you.

A domain name is very important to have if you want to give your company or business a separate identity than your counterparts. There may be several companies working in the same arena but a distinct domain name gives you an independent recognition.


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