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How To Make Sure Your Company’s Data is as Secure as Possible

We cover everything from cloud storage methods, password security and finding an IT firm.

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A breach in data security could mean a disaster for your company, and as cyber attacks get more common many are on high alert for hackers. Because there have been so many public cyber attacks on major companies, you may be wondering if your company is next. However, there is no reason to fear if you introduce a robust security system and implement comprehensive protocols for employees. You can even seek help from an IT firm to provide an extra layer of security for your business. In this article, we’ll be going over some of the best ways you can protect your data from hackers and create a culture of security at your business.

Consult an External IT Firm

An IT Firm Can Help Get You On the Right Track to Data Security

An IT firm is here to help if you need extra cybersecurity guidance. Photo courtesy of Piqsels.

Sometimes the key to protecting your data is to ask for expert help. An external IT firm can help ensure your data is secure. Especially if you are a small business, IT firms often provide packages that are customized to your unique data storage needs. IT professionals are also constantly at the forefront of the latest data technologies, meaning you will have the most up to date innovations available to you.

Consider The Cloud

Cloud storage can securely back up your data

Cloud storage is a common way to give your data even more back up protection. Image courtesy of

Cloud service storage systems can greatly increase the security of your data. Whether you are backing up your data in cloud storage or migrating all of your company’s data to the cloud. The advantage of cloud storage is that there is no threat associated with having your data stored in one physical location. By using cloud storage, natural disasters like floods will not affect your data storage since your data is spread across several different servers worldwide. Many cloud services offer extra security protections, like automatic data encryption, not offered with physical storage methods.

Ensure Password Security

Your passwords are more important than than you think

Security breaches from weak passwords are all too common. Photo courtesy of Piqsels.

It may seem obvious, but password protection among employees can often be overlooked as a major factor in data security. Sometimes weak passwords can be the only thing standing between your company and potential hackers. By requiring comprehensive security training for employees, you can further protect from data breaches. It is important for all employees to know not to reuse passwords or use the same password for several accounts. Make sure your employees are not storing their passwords anywhere outside of your network. For example, no passwords should be stored in a word document or on a piece of paper. Another way to increase password security is to implement a password management application. By using a password management application, your passwords are encrypted and stored within a secure master password. It also saves you from remembering every password and having to reset it if you forget it.

Make Sure All Data is Encrypted

Encryption is the key to deterring hackers

You won’t have to worry about your sharing with clients if your data is encrypted . Image courtesy of Piqsels.

When it comes to cybersecurity, encryption is one of the most reliable ways to stop a data breach. Encryption works to protect stored data as well as data transfers. End to end encryption can be extremely beneficial to heighten data security for companies of all sizes. When your files are encrypted, only you or others you designate are able to access the files, no matter where they exist. With end to end encryption, your company will be assured that your files are secure when sharing data.

Comprehensive Security Training For All Employees

Know that your whole organization is on the same page

Employees can unknowingly expose your data to hackers. Make sure they know how to keep your sensitive information safe. Image courtesy of Piqsels.

In a split second, your data can be compromised by phishing scam or malware just by an employee clicking on the wrong link. This is an all too common issue that can be prevented by employee security training. By providing training on how to avoid these scams and how to identify potential viruses, your company will be much less open to hackers. You can start educating your staff by designating a position for data security. Your data security manager will be able to engage your staff in security training and create internal policies for data security. It may also be helpful to contact an IT firm to see if their experts have any ideas for hiring and implementing the most effective data protection policies.

Since each company has different security needs, your organization will need to establish what particular security measures you need to tackle for your training. For example, do your employees have secure digital workspaces? Are your hard drives and physical computers stored somewhere safe? Is your WiFi network as secure as possible? These are all important questions to answer before beginning your security training. There are always areas of security to improve on within an organization and the first step is choosing the right ones to address.

Now that we have gone over some of the best ways to improve security for your business, it’s time to put your security plan into action. Increasing your security can be a long process, but recovering from a major data breach can take even longer. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of different ways to increase your data security, you can always consult with an IT firm to help create a plan for your company.


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