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LG releases Official Video of the Flash Mob Organized in Gurgaon.

India’s number one leading company in consumer electronics goods LG India organized a flash mob recently in one of the busiest venue of Gurgaon – Ambience Mall to celebrate the holiday and festival season. The whole crowd was full surprised when a group of professional dancers steeped out all of sudden with loud background music and started dancing coordinately on the Bollywood chartbusters. The whole event was followed by Karan Arora, a guy from Delhi to surprise her girlfriend Pooja Basara by a marriage proposal and getting engaged publicly. The event was conducted in a very secret manner and no one except the event organizers, media persons and dancers were aware about this surprising flash mob executed in a busy evening.

LG India recently uploaded the video of this flash mob in YouTube which is going viral day by day. They even made a post about this event in their official Facebook Page. LG has officially released the Behind the Scenes video of the event too that elaborates how the group of professional dancers were doing the rounds in net for some time and the uniqueness of the event. The entire flash mob lasted only few minutes but the preparation to make it successful and unique took more than a month with a bunch of peoples from various sectors before the execution. According to the video, document and info shared by LG, this Guy Karan contacted the LG World Record Team by online forum made by LG India for its users, about the event and the idea. During the conversation with the LG WR Team which is comprised by three cute animated characters – he mentioned that he want to propose his girlfriend for marriage.

The whole event followed the stuffs that we usually see in Bollywood movies. After listening the idea LGWRman Sherlock and Greg comes into action with LG India’s digital marketing partner, Gold Ocean Communications, to help this guy to propose his girlfriend publicly in full Bollywood style. The flash mob involved more than 100 professional dancers, who trained on some hit Bollywood tracks for this event. In the middle of the flash mob, all of sudden this boy appears from the crowd, surprised his unsuspecting girlfriend and propose publicly. The whole crowd cheers spontaneously which made his lady to accept the proposal. The presence of Sherlock and other LG WR team was a big hit with the onlookers. The event ended with a mini stampede, when the crowd jostled with each other to shake hands a get a snap with this cute man who rarely make any public appearances.

The success of event sketches the soaring confidence of LG as it set to become even bigger in Indian Market. Their products like TV, LM series, 3D TVs have helped them a lot to set a milestone in 3D TV market in India. The event also defines the new way of marketing by engaging customers by breaking the traditional marketing methodology. The event also increased the awareness about the LG World Record Campaign, which is launched in early July this year to LG products like their Home Appliances and Home Entertainment.

This event will surely help LG to boost up in the highly competitive market of Indian economy and soon it will become the first choice for consumers with their innovative products and the campaigns that build consumers interest and base.


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