New Ways on How Sales Professionals are Connecting with Clients.

According to the data gathered by, there are about 3.1 billion internet users globally. #mindblowning! That’s a massive 3.1 billion internet users people! If that figure doesn’t get you excited, then I’m not sure what does.At this point, your “spidey sense” as a salesman should now be going crazy. I’m sure that just like most salesmen who are worth their salt, you’re probably thinking about ways on how you can capitalize on the fact that people are flocking to the internet by the millions. Well. Allow me to help you with just that. I will share with you 3 ways on how sales professionals are connecting with clients. These tips are by no means your typical cookie-cutter tips. The tips that I’ll share with you are the same exact strategies that a lot of our clients are using to get more leads and grow their sales online. Let’s hop right in.




1) Linkedin + National Cellular Directory

We all know what kind of social media platform Linkedin is, right? It is a platform for professionals.It is a place where people talk about business tips, opportunities, and everything and everything under the sun that’s going to help them grow your career or business.If you’ll start mining data using Linkedin, you will soon find out that getting a list of prospect clients is going to be a cinch.Once you’ve gathered a list of prospects using Linkedin, all you need to do is to type in their information on our Cell Phone Number Lookup by Name Service “Click Here”. At this point, you should be able to obtain their cellular phone numbers and start doing your cold calls. Important note: about 35% of our client-base use our tools to connect with new clients and they’re getting awesome results!

2) Develop strategic partnerships.


Imagine working with a company that offers content creation services.


What do you think would happen if you contact several web developers, and establish an agreement with them where you will give them a commission every time they send their clients over your way for their website’s content?


Considering how a lot of web developers are ONLY into developing websites; and not really producing content; they will have all the reason to send their clients your way once they’re done developing the website, because of the incentive you’re offering them.
In the final analysis, developing a strategic partnership with the right people will lead to a win-win situation for both parties; you will get a constant stream of new leads, the other party will be compensated for every transaction you close.


3) Guest post on websites with TONS of monthly traffic.


Guest posting is a pretty cut-and-dry strategy:


  1. Look for websites with a decent amount of monthly traffic where your prospect customers frequent.
  2. Pitch your article as a guest post.
  3. Once your article gets accepted and goes live, your prospect customers will learn about you and will then contact you should they need your services.


Here’s a good resource from that describes the nitty gritty of the process.


What you’ll love about this strategy is that there is longevity to it.


Once your article goes live, the chances are good that it will stay there indefinitely.


Of course, for as long as your article is on the internet, there is a chance that someone else will find it, read it, and contact you for your services because of the ideas that you shared.

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