Offline data collection made simple: JotForm Mobile Forms

If you’ve spent any time collecting data, you’re well aware of the challenges in the field. From unresponsive customers to paper forms that lead to a ton of repetitive data entry, this is a field with plenty of obstacles. One of the most annoying ones is trying to work in an area that has patchy or no internet connectivity.

Most modern mobile-based data-collection methods require internet connectivity. Google Forms, for instance, won’t even let you fill out a form until the information from the previous form has been uploaded to the cloud. This can be a huge problem for someone who is working in a rural area or anywhere else that’s far from a stable internet connection.

The solution? It’s simple, right? Use a paper form! But that means tons of extra work — someone has to enter all the information from the physical forms into a central database, not to mention wasting a ton of resources printing, collecting, and transporting huge stacks of paper forms.

There must be an easier alternative.

With JotForm Mobile Forms, you can now use a form on your mobile device without an internet connection. In fact, JotForm Mobile Forms even includes a kiosk mode that allows you to set up a mobile device so that customers can quickly fill out your form without accessing any of your other apps. Once they complete the form, the app automatically loads a blank version of the same form so that the next person in line can submit their feedback.

This in itself is something truly innovative in the mobile data-collection industry. What takes it a step further is that JotForm Mobile Forms can do all of this while offline!

And that’s not all. JotForm Mobile forms has a bunch of other features that make it invaluable for the road warrior who has to venture into areas with little to no internet connectivity to collect customer data and feedback.

  1. Comprehensive customer data collection

Most customers get annoyed if they are asked to fill out a form multiple times. How do you efficiently gather as much data as possible about a potential customer without annoying them?

JotForm Mobile Forms allows you to add a number of fields that other competing apps don’t support. You can add images, barcodes, voice recordings, and even geolocation info. A customer needs to fill out just one the mobile form to give you a complete, well-rounded picture that will help you curate your products to better serve their needs.

  1. Syncing across platforms

The JotForm Mobile Forms app is available on both Android and iOS devices, which means that the data collected across platforms can be viewed together as a consolidated whole, making trends easier to spot and act on.

The mobile app also helps to streamline workflow by automatically syncing offline data to the central forms database as soon as you’re reconnected to the internet. No matter what, you’re always just a touch away from your data.

This amazing new mobile forms app is revolutionizing the data collection market. If you want to take advantage of this tool, be sure to download it for free on Google Play or the App Store.


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