Search Engine Optimization – The Don’ts for 2013.

When setting up your website for a prompt search engine optimization process, you – the webmaster – are supposed to deal with the robots the search engines send in the inspection. It is one of the few battles you take without weapons, but only with your content, in an attempt to be better positioned in the search engine result pages. In order to come out as a winner, there are a series of things a webmaster must do, but also some aspects to be ignored and never done. First of all, you need to come up with a realistic objective. For instance, you may want to join the top ten results for a particular keyword. What are the most common mistakes to do in a constantly evolving world? The SEO techniques may not change too much, but the algorithms do, so you must always stay updated. For 2013, things are the same. Google is the one responsible for most changes, so you must adapt to them.



The keyword is the aspect your SEO process floats around. Picking the wrong keywords is a very common mistake, even when you count the SEO experts. It is not unusual for someone with experience to make such mistakes. Finding the right keywords on your own is definitely a problem. Sometimes, you may not be able to do it on your own, so you will need some help. Analyze other websites in your competition as well and try to take a deep research analysis of the keyword competition before making a final decision.

Title tag

Never leave the title tag empty. This is also a common problem. Most webmasters concentrate on other meta tags, but they forget about the title. The title is recommended to be written with capital letters, as they are easier to read in the result pages. This tag is the most visible one when searching for something, so make sure you don’t ignore it.

Seach engine optimization

Using Flash

A lot of people love the Flash websites and no one can contest the great looking graphics. However, they lose the SEO advantage HTML brings in. This is why it is highly recommended to come up with an HTML alternative as well. It may not always be visible to your guests, but included in the sitemap to be read and indexed by the search engines.

JavaScript menus

A lot of webmasters come up with JavaScript menus. This is not really indicated, especially when you got a series of other alternatives. The search engines mostly count on the links and their structure when they send their robots in the inspection. Therefore, a JavaScript generated link will most likely kill its SEO value. Rely on CSS instead.

In the end

Any of these small details can definitely harm your website. There are small things to change, but the good news is that you got plenty of alternatives. Other than that, keep in mind that the lack of interest for your content and the constant updates will take your website down with time. You need to actually spend some time maintaining it.

Guest Post by Srikar of Srikar is a tech enthusiast, blogger and an Internet Entrepreneur. He is also into SEO Services for more than 2 years now and is known for High Quality Link Building Services. You can check out Guest Posting Service. Follow him on Twitter @srikar_web.


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