SumUp : An affordable way to take card payments

SumUp is an EMV card reader as well as credit card reader which makes use of contactless payment solution. With the help of only one device businesses of all size can accept the payment through EMV chip, NFC, magnetic stripe, Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Moreover, you won’t have to turn away your customer again as SumUp can very well help you with all the payments. Besides this, you can easily connect to the devices with the help of Bluetooth.

It is quite a reliable device having a Li-ion battery that can last for a long period of time. For charging, it just requires a charging port and a micro-USB cable that comes with your purchase.

How does SumUp work?

The card payment is made quite simple with SumUp. You would just need to enter the amount in the application and the customer would enter their respective card into the reader and then keys in the card pin. Apart from that, they can tap their phone on the reader or their contactless card. Once the payment is being accepted, they would get paid receipt through text or email.

What are the features of SumUp?


  • The battery that lasts for a long period of time


SumUp comes up with a long lasting battery and hence it can be quite beneficial when you go for a long tour as it won’t run out quite easily.


  • It is available in pocket size


It is indeed a very good travel gadget having a size of 7 cm * 7 cm * 2.5 cm. Due to its size, you can easily carry it in bags or briefcases and hence it doesn’t increase the weight of your luggage. Hence, you can easily use it whenever you would need it and then keep it away when not required.


  • Reliable and easy transaction


It is compatible alongside most of the debit and credit cards and you can easily make hassle free transactions with the help of this device. Besides this, the credit card terminal or any other card terminal of this application comes without any kind of monthly cost and it won’t hamper your progress at all. It is quite reliable and you will get a guaranteed payment. the Theft chances are quite low and your money is in safe hands.

What is USP of SumUp?

There are a lot of benefits of SumUp. Some of them has been mentioned below:-


  • It is quite easy to use


It is a very intuitive app having very basic features which makes it quite to use for everyone. You just have to follow a few basic instructions and you would be all ready to use it.


  • Low Fees


The pricing of SumUp is quite affordable and this is the reason it is quite competitive in countries such as UK and US.


  • It has very good customer support


It comes up with quite a good customer support and they are easily able to solve the queries of the merchants in a very efficient manner.

Final verdict

SumUp is certainly ideal for small-scale merchants who are in need to start accepting card payments such as a shop, café bar, market stall to name a few.  It is quite cheap, comes with a one-off cost( and then it is free for a lifetime), no contract and it is quite economical. Besides this, it is made using a very good quality material and it has the efficiency that you would need in a payment device.

SumUp is likely to be quite competitive because of its low rate and no fuss model. It is indeed a device that you should definitely lay your hand upon.


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