Things you should know about Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery -Professional


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data recovery software is used to recover the files that are being deleted by an OS crash, virus attack or accidental deletion. Furthermore, it is also used to retrieve the files from the corrupted hard drives as well as RAW non-mounting partitions. With the help of the software, you can quickly restore the data from the USB flash drives as well as damaged CDs. It also has the imaging feature that is used to create the disk image to recover data from it. In addition to this, the working of the software is very efficient as it is equipped with features like scanning a specific folder, examining a particular file type as well as preview the files that you might be searching. It is without any doubt the top rated windows data recovery software available across the globe.

What are the features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Professional?


Recover the Deleted or lost files

Stellar Phoenix windows recovery helps to recover the deleted data from the hard drive of the computer. It also has an enhanced feature that enables you to select a particular folder where you want to recover the files. The software is indeed very beneficial when you have lost the data due to the malfunction of the software, virus attack or perhaps read-write error.

Deep and quick scan

The software comes up with two scan method named as Deep Scan & Quick Scan. If Stellar Phoenix is unable to find the files using the quick scan, then it would automatically Deep Scan the results. Furthermore, you can use the Deep scan method from the Select location screen where the option of quick scan is also present. It has always recommended to turn off the preview option while you are scanning to increase the speed.

Efficient File search

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software comes up with an alternative where you can search for the file using the type, name and also look for the deleted file. Besides this, you can even look out for deleted data in a particular folder. The software is also capable of supporting hundreds of file types.

Sort the files in your manner

Getting the files back in a disorganized way can be very difficult to identify even if the preview is available. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery provides you with the option to use the Filtered tree that can quickly help you to sort the files. You can find the Filtered Tree tab in the search result window, and you can click on it to look out for various options to filter the files. As per the specification, you can check the “deleted file” option as well as the “existing files” and then mention the approximate size of the file.

Hassle free and safe usage

The software offers secure and 100% safe downloads which are free from any sought of viruses that may harm your device. Besides this, the software also provides the option of recovering the data from any malware, virus or the Trojan attacks.

How is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Work?
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional almost recovered 95% of the data or files.

Steps of data recovery with the help of the software :

  • You would require to download and install the Stellar Phoenix windows recovery.

  • You can select the type of data you wish to recover under the option ‘Select What to Recover.’

  • You can select the location from where you wish to retrieve the data.

  • You can select the proper drive and then click on the scan button.

  • The scanning option will come up with the list of files shown in three different formats as the Tree view, File type and Deleted List.
  • You can select the list of files which you wish to recover and then click on the Recover Button.
  • You will witness pop-up button that will ask for the destination location.
  • You can select the destination location and then save the file at the place where you want.

How is the performance of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.

During the testing period, we measured the capability of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. We performed both the quick scan and the deep scan for checking performance. During the recovery, we took three file types Word Doc, jpg file and mp4 file to test the software. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery had an outstanding performance and delivered everything that we wanted. It performs efficient scanning combined with the user-friendly and feature-rich tool.

Pricing of Stellar Phoenix.

There are two versions of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Professional is available. It varies from $99 and $119 respectively. A general Stellar Phoenix license could apply to a single device, and it is quite suitable for the lifetime use. If you are an IT Professional, then the key could be used for any operating system or the computer. It also comes up in a platinum version which includes Password Recovery and Insta Backup Gold. My pick would be $99 plan which would resolve all the problems related to data recovery. Furthermore, you can download the trial version of the software and preview the recovered files before purchase.

Final words.

Over the course of various data recovery options available in the market, no software has impressed me more than Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Professional. The software is power packed with a very user-friendly UI and an in-depth scan. It might not have the best budget, but it indeed gives you the best value for money. It is the best choice that you can make irrespective if you are an IT professional or someone who has been dealing with a catastrophic data loss situation.


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