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Tips for choosing Time Tracking Software.

In 21st century world is moving very fast & time is very precious. As you know Time is money and this is the time where company are ready to pay on hour basis. But the Question is what is mode of payment you are going to follow?

This is only happen with help of Time tracking software. A- Time tracing software can easily detect and calculate various processes including which employee working on this project and how much time he is spending on each project on a day. It is very fast, easy & convenient way to track precious hour as compared to manual method. Now question is what is your requirement which software is going to be suitable.

Selecting a Time tracking software:

It is very difficult job to select the right time tracing software while there are plenty of them available in market. We are discussing some of the features of time trekking software. They are as follows.

Wide Area Network:

The time tracing software should work over a WAN (wide area network).This will help you to access from any cities & even countries. So if any one accesses the software from Delhi and update it some information then person from America should able to see that information. Example: If employee from Mumbai submits his project detail and presentation on his schedule to his manager from china. He is able to see as well as edit the documents which submitted by his employee. Once the project’s document and presentation is approved. The data will sent to another department for quality analyse to make further progress

Reduce Error:

It should be capable enough incorporated in fiscal system so that it will reduce data entry errors.


The software should not only give the data on billable hours but also keep tab on every projects, project phases, team working on a projects, project deadlines & its scheduled etc. This will reduce lots of document work

Time Management:

The timer tracking software should to be able to track the overtime of the employee with the amount of leave time per projects. This will keep you update on employee leaves, how much you pay an employee and related information. You should also approved leaves requested by employees.



Time Zone:

It should be different time zones for various branch location in that the margin for any time based delivery errors are minimal.

Industry based:

You need to look for tracking software that is specifically for your industry .You can’t keep replacing one tracker with another you have to choose correct software which has all features. In time tracking software flexibility is important aspect.

These are the few tips regarding time tracking software and widely about how to make selection of it. Choose the software as per requirement because may be some software has many features but might be they are not much useful for your organization but choosing a software might be prove as an asset.


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