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Tips for making your Business stand out at an Exhibition .

If you’re planning on taking your business to an exhibition show, you’ve no doubt started to get everything and everyone ready in terms of being prepared to show the attendees who you are and what you can do. One of the main things you’ll need to think about though is the actual stand in which you’ll display info about your business.

Getting it designed just right is so important, as it’s what gives people their first impression of you. You’ll also need to ensure that people are going to stop by your stand and take notice, and with the amount of competition you’ll have, making your stand eye catching is vital. Also purchasing pop up banners and similar items will help bring your stand to life.We’ve come up with some tips for achieving just that.

Think about your colour scheme

Colour is a main part of the design process, so it’s essential you really think carefully about the scheme you go for. You’ll obviously want to utilise the main colours that your business uses, so people start to identify with the appearance of your brand and your logos. You may want to use some other colours too, to mix it up and to help enhance the appearance of your stand.

Keep things professional

You’ll definitely want to ensure that your exhibition is executed to a professional standard; as if it doesn’t look proficient, people will just walk passed and will take no notice of you. It will give off a really bad impression of your brand, too, which you’ll obviously want to avoid. Invest in some good quality presentation equipment from the likes of to get your stand off to a great start.

Keep it simple

Whilst there are some really impressive and eye catching trade show stands out there (check out these incredible examples) it’s a good idea to remember that sometimes less is more, and it can be a good plan to keep things simple. It’s often the designs that are the most straightforward that grab the most attention, as they appear uncomplicated and well organised. Don’t overload your audience with information; though obviously make sure they have enough to learn about who you are, what you do, and your previous successes.

Get creative with technology

Don’t forget that you don’t just have to use the standard presentation stands and signage to make your exhibition stand; there are lots of different resources at your disposal that will help to make your exhibition stand look really great and that will tell your business’s story in a unique way. You can use sound systems, virtual presentations and even things like interactive quizzes as part of your stand that will all go a really long way in helping your company stand out.

Be armed with some freebies

People love free stuff, and it’s great for you because every time people use the free stuff you’re providing them with, it’s free advertising for you. Check out sites like Vista Print that sell a whole range of different stuff for your business to hand out whilst you’re there.


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