Top 10 Wedding Planning Apps Brides And Grooms.

In today’s digital world it makes sense to use wedding planning apps to help the process of organising a wedding much easier.

There is a wide range of apps for smartphones available and these are some of the best for making a big day special.

1 Money Dashboard

The first recommendation will help the bride and groom budget for the big day and help monitor money coming in and out of various bank accounts and help keep on top of finances by syncing between different accounts.

2 WedPics

With so many guests having smartphones, it makes sense to use an app where all of the photos taken on the wedding day can be shared in one place and video too. Brides can also buy photographs directly from the app well as which is a great idea for an event with impressive wedding dresses and designer dresses.

3 Instagram

One of the most popular smartphone apps is Instagram so it makes sense to use it on the wedding day so guests can post images immediately to the Internet but they should use a hashtag that is unique for the big day. Images will be easy to find and most guests will probably be using the app regularly as well as.

4 Skyscanner

For grooms who are looking to organise the honeymoon, an excellent travel search engine is Skyscanner which compares hotels, flights as well as higher cars at the touch of a button.

5 Appy Couple

The Appy Couple app is a great way for the happy couple to stay in touch with their guests so they can RSVP and decide what they want for dinner. Everything is saved into a spreadsheet so the bride and groom will know who has responded and who hasn’t.

6 LadyMarry Planner

Another good organising wedding planner is Ladymarry which also enables a bride to keep track of everything in the schedule from the budget to the table decorations. It’s easy-to-use, and easy to navigate.

7 Pinterest

Among the wedding planning apps will be the potential for Pinterest since there are lots of users offering excellent wedding day ideas and also pointers to what a bride should wear on her big day when it comes to wedding dresses and designer dresses.

8 Top Table Planner

One of the headaches that needs to be tackled for a wedding is where the guests will be seated and understanding that some will not want to sit next to others. The Table Top Planner will help ensure the bride delivers the perfect layout with an easy-to-use app.

9 Wedding Happy

This is one of the better apps for organising a wedding and it easily creates to-do lists and enables a bride and groom to work towards a completion date; it’s also customisable to help the couple remain on the right track by monitoring tasks that have been completed and what needs to be done next, even finding the right wedding dresses and designer dresses.

10 Etsy

Finally, Etsy is an excellent smartphone app for brides looking for specific wedding decorations and they can also use it for inspiration. Easy-to-use, Etsy will help prevent brides trawling through lots of online shops to find the items they are looking for.


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