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Top 5 Cars Apps for Android Users.

There is no doubt that Android is an OS which has changed the life of a hundreds of millions of people all around the world. The Smartphones have become part of our daily routine and we have also become habitual of making use of our Smartphone in every simple to tough jobs including, shopping, exercising, cooking, learning as well as driving. You can find application for each and every thing in the Android market.

We all know that Google Play store has application for almost anything. So if you are a car owner, your Smartphone can help you a lot and can make your drive even safer. So we have brought you top 5 applications that you must install if you own a car.

Car Locator

As it is clear from the name itself, this application can help you a lot in finding the location of your car. With the help of this application you will be able to find the location of your parked car very easily. All you have to do is to and when you return, the car locator is going to guide you to the position where you have parked your car. The application makes use of your GPS system to save and then navigate you to your Car location.

Gas Buddy

Many times you must have faced the situation when you are out of gas and you are not able to find any Gas station nearby. In this situation the application names Gas Buddy is going to help you a lot. The application finds and tells you the location of the cheapest gas stations in the area. All you have to do is to enter the name of the city, or its zip code, or its postal code, and the application is going to make use of your GPS system and tell you the location of the cheapest gas stations in that area.

Fuel Log

This application helps you to save your gas as it keeps track of the fuel consumption of your car. The application not only gives you the information regarding your fuel consumption, but also it predicts the cost as well as your mileage of your car. The user is just required to enter the cost and the model of your car and the rest of the work will be done by the application itself.

SpeedView Pro

This application makes use of you GPS location and tells you about the average as well as current speed of your car. This application is loved by the speed lovers. There are many exiting features in this app, as it tells you about the direction you are moving in, the total distance that you have travelled and also the time that you are going to take to reach your destination. The application also warns you if you are over speeding and thus saves you from any kind of fine.


This application takes care of all the important things of your car including maintenance, mileage, fillips, trips, expenses and services. All you have to enter the required data about your car and the rest of the things are handled by the application itself. The application has very simple and clean interface and is very simple to use.

Author Bio: This is a Guest Post by Kalpana creative automobile writer and manages few blogs from which she likes the most is


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