Top 5 iPhone Apps of 2012.

Some years ago from now, the iOS platform did not support applications and utilities from third parties. But nowadays, the scene is totally the opposite! Today, there are thousands of apps now being supported by iPhone, may it be for editing images or playing console games. Considering the year 2012, the enhanced camera on the latest iOS devices introduced several cool video and photography apps. In addition, even gaming has been a big field of improvement with lots of new games. But that’s not all! A lot of other useful apps are also available for your iPhone. Here is a look at top 5 iPhone apps of 2012.


This is one of the ideal apps for managing your tasks. It may not have that typical look of an iPhone app but it has the ability to implement the signals in a classic way to administer your task list. Open the app and you will view items in a heat map displayed by priority, if there are any. Or else, you can create new items by pinching, tapping, and dragging. With absence of buttons or advanced features, Clear has made itself suitable for those who wish a simple task manager advanced features.


If you are tired of that typical Mail app, consider this smooth gesture-based mail client. However, you need to have a Google Apps, Gmail, or IMAP account. Refresh your inbox, swipe across a message to reply or delete, or swipe up or down to go through the conversation. This app has all the features to support Gmail’s labels, archive, and inbox details. This year, you can expect some more technical enhancements such as the lacking push notification support.


This app is fully loaded with several filters, effects, and adjustments for your images and photos, making it the most desirable app to complete the collection of iLife apps. There are a few smart tools such as auto horizon detection for straightening as well as tone balancing. You can organize your photo library and can send images to other iOS devices wherein the app is running in the foreground. And yes, the app even integrates with social sites such as Facebook and famous image portals such as Flickr.

SloPro (Free Version)

This one is truly for the video shooters! With this app, you can shoot slowly moving videos in 720p HD with your 4S model without using any costly equipment. You normally shoot the footage with the app and then select in and out points with the help of built-in editor where the video is slowed down. The outcome is smooth video without choppiness.

Flipboard (Free Version)

This famous social app is now no more an iPad fantasy! Flipboard for iPhone comes with those nice flip gestures but it enables the user to work with it using one hand for flipping pages upwards and the bottom half folding atop. There is also a new section called Cover Stories that shows famous articles from RSS, Facebook, and Twitter sources on the go.

So, which one are you going to use?

Guest Post by Bill Nixon who is a tech and gadgets enthusiast. He works for, visit the web site if you are wondering where you can sell iPhone


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