Top New Car Gadgets for Tech Lovers.

Technological innovation is in every part of our lives, from home entertainment to mobile communications. Even in our cars, we’re surrounded by new technology. In fact, it’s the motoring industry which is at the forefront of much of technological innovation and some new cars are pushing boundaries of motoring which haven’t been seen before.

Manufacturers such as BMW, Alfa Romeo and Mercedes are, as might be expected, leading much of the technology revolution in motoring with gadgets such as keyless entry, GPS tracking and remote start systems. Many people worry that an increase in in-car technology will give them ‘more things to go wrong’, but the overwhelming evidence is that these evolutions in car tech are improving people’s lives immeasurably.

One of the biggest new technologies has been autonomous driving, with a number of manufacturers looking at self-drive technology. This has come on a long way in recent months and years and autonomous driving will likely make driving much more fun by being able to delegate control of the car when stuck in traffic or cruising on a motorway.

Within electric cars, for example, wireless charging is due to become the next big thing, meaning you won’t need to worry about physically plugging your car into a charge point all the time — you’ll simply park up in a parking space and your car will be able to charge wirelessly. Electric car technology itself is increasing all the time. No longer is it just for small hatchbacks — you can now buy sports cars and coupés with electric engines which can easily outpace and outperform their petrol counterparts.

However you look at it, motoring technology is improving massively and the rate of technological innovation is increasing all the time. Electric cars, smartphone integration and safety innovations are all extremely important and prominent sectors of the car tech market. What’s more, these innovations are there to benefit all of us rather than just the very top end of motoring, which is particularly exciting as it means they’re things we’ll likely all get to use and make all of our lives easier. After all, it is these innovations that will shape the future of motoring and the way we choose to drive our cars for years to come.


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