Top Tips to Protect Your iPhone Against Damage and Theft.

With such a high price tag, iPhone deserves special care and protection. This Smartphone is vulnerable to damage, theft and data loss. Protection of iPhone is of two different types:

· Exterior Protection

· Interior Protection

Exterior Protection of iPhone involves taking care against the tangible damage and loss. While, interior protection involves taking care of your iPhone against   viruses   or   data loss. Both of them are very important in order to keep your iPhone running. Interior protection is crucial for anyone that uses an iPhone on a daily basis, as they otherwise run the risk of having their data stolen and erased, or having others see their private conversations, photographs, and browsing history. It goes without saying that nobody wants this. It is also just as easy for one to accidentally drop their iPhone and damage it, or to leave their mobile device in a crowded restaurant, only to find that it is gone upon returning. This is why it is essential for iPhone owners to investigate the available options for mobile protection.

Here are some of the protection tips that will guide you to protect your phone from exterior and interior threats.

Use Snap Cases

This is a highly recommended protection measure, which you must take in order to ensure safety of your iPhone. Snap cases are beautiful and hence keep your phone safe from any scratches on the body. Snap cases are available in unique and beautiful designs and hence you can buy from any good shop or even online that snap case, which goes with your personality.

Waterproof cases

Simple cases do protect your iPhone from accidental damages; however, they do not protect your iPhone from liquid. Studies have shown that 31% of the iPhone users have damaged their phone from liquid immersion in the past 12 months. Many of them ended their iPhone in the toilet.

In such conditions, waterproof case is the best protection to protect your phone against any liquid. It is a bit pricy than usual cases,; however, it keeps your iPhone much safer and protected. Your feeling would be priceless when you will find your iPhone working perfectly after it is dropped accidently in the swimming pool.

Buy Insurance Policy

This safety measure is a bit pricy; however, it ensures your asset protection up to the maximum level. iPhone insurance from companies such as Protect Your Bubble helps you to protect your phone against damages, theft, robbery, loss etc. With the help of insurance, you can get a new phone or get it fixed. However, it varies from companies to companies. There are number of groups in the market that are providing insurance policies; however, not all of them are the best. Hence, before buying any insurance, do make sure that you avail one of the best services. A good insurance company will have clear terms and conditions.

Do remember that do not take decide an insurance company by seeing only the homepage of the company on internet. Not all companies provide perfect information on its website. Take a thorough look and consult your colleges or family members who have already avail such service and are reaping benefits out of it.

Screen Protector

Screen is the face of your iPhone and it is very costly to replace. Hence, screen protectors are mandatory and they protection is very effective. It is just a false claim that Screen Protector decreases touch sensitivity of iPhone. You can enjoy playing games or browsing on your iPhone in the same way as you use to do without Screen Protector.

Anti-Theft Apps

Due to high resale value, iPhone theft is increasing all around the globe. Thieves find it one of the easy ways to earn hundreds of dollars by stealing iPhone. However, there are couples of applications available online that can help you to protect your phone from theft or loss. One such free popular application available is Prey Anti Theft. Washington Post named this application as one the best tracking software among all others. It can perform number of functions to recover the mobile:

· Find your iPhone location with the help of geolocation

· Take pictures through any of the cameras of iPhone

· Display a warning message to the thief on phone

· Activate an alarm to scare the thief

With the help of this, you can recover your phone quickly.


Trick to Preventing Hack

Many people know that iPhone hack is spreading and hackers use it to take personal advantage. A trained hacker can easily access your data and can use your phone. A recent article on Telegraph confirmed that the four-digit pass code is inadequate to ensure the safety of the data of your iPhone. The hacking of iPhone is usually done with the help of a single text message. The hacker sends a message named “SMS” and once you open it, your phone is usually accessible to the hacker. If your phone automatically starts to make call, this is a sign of confirmation that it is surely hacked. Therefore, be aware about any such problem that can be escalated. Do not open any message named as “SMS” to ensure the safety of your phone.


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