What are the best gaming gifts with mobile phone contracts?

Did you know that many mobile contracts are now offered with free gifts? And not just a simple gift voucher or throwaway item; in fact, for as little as £10.50 per month for a mobile phone contract you can get yourself some of the most attractive gaming offers. Here are some of the best gaming gifts that can be yours for free.

Nintendo 3DS XL

The 3DS XL is the big daddy of handheld gaming consoles, with awesome – and much improved – 3D effects, and more enjoyable to use than its immediate predecessor, the plain old 3DS. It can be yours for free with a £10.50 a month contract for a Nokia Asha 106 phone on Vodafone. Then again, if you’re into gaming, you’re probably into technology, so why would you want this very simple phone?

With this in mind, at the opposite end of the scale, you can get the 3DS XL with an iPhone 5s in grey or black for £41.50 per month over 24 months. Alternatively, you can get a 3DS XL as a gift with a Samsung Galaxy S5 for £39.50 per month for the same two year period.

Microsoft Xbox 360 E 250GB

Although usurped in the Microsoft console range by the awesome Xbox One, this 360 is still an awesome console. What’s more it can be yours free with a £15 per month/2-year contract with a JCB Sitemaster, which is great if you happen to work in construction and a keen gamer.

Microsoft Xbox One

Not as well reviewed and certainly less popular than its Sony rival, the PS4, the Xbox One nonetheless has a range of game exclusives that make it a worthy addition to any self-respecting gamer’s arsenal. The fact that it comes free with some mobile phone contracts makes it an even more attractive proposition, especially considering that it comes bundled with a Kinect in an offer from Mobile Phones Direct.

Sony PS4 500GB

The PS4 is arguably gaming heaven. With a huge range of new features, including graphics that are purportedly ‘32 times as good’ as those on the PS3, it is surely no surprise that that the PS4 is the leading next-gen console.

Free with mobile phone contracts ranging from as little as £19 per month, this is an awesome gift by the standards of even the most discerning gamer.


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